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Just a little bit about me...

Actor.  Filmmaker. Fantastical alternate universe lover aka comic book geek. I am an alpha woman with childlike energy.  Originally from Miami, Florida and of Colombian/Native American descent, I was raised in a multiracial household under the eye of an incredibly strong willed mother and two younger sisters.


My life's work has always been anchored in the arts. My childhood throughout college was focused on traditional art, illustration and graphic design. I wandered to New York City where I learned more about and worked in Costume Design. Then I was off to Detroit to study Filmmaking and Animation which funnily enough lead me to acting in   theatre and film directing. This all has made me wonderfully awkward. Regardless of the trade, creating and giving space to create is my purpose. So I made my way to my current home in Los Angeles.


I highly enjoy learning new perspectives from the generous individuals that cross my path. Their stories only encourage me to continue to spread joy, compassion, and empathy through my work as a storyteller.

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