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I'm from the multicultural heart of Miami, Florida. My life evolved around the perseverance, and motivation of my cornerstone: my mother. When I was young we would watch animated films and draw the characters. Her technical skill inspired me. From the moment I learned how to press play, I'd pick a film and fall asleep to it every night. My drawing abilities developed and I was lucky enough to be guided to a visual arts high school D.A.S.H in the Design District of Miami.

Here the art industry's doors opened to my unknowing mind. I certainly had no idea that this world of infinite options to create existed. I always knew that I belonged in the film industry, but never quite sure which niche suited me best. This led to my journey to New York City were I earned my AAS in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology with a sole interest in costuming for film. There are not enough words to describe the beautiful solitude of riding in an overcrowded subway train through Manhattan. Then shortly after an internship on set, I went on to achieve my BFA at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI studying film and 3d animation.

I then turned to the other side of the camera at the Michigan Actors Studio to further explore a life in cinema. I've learned how to inspire emotion through my visual arts and now the time has come to perform in Los Angeles, CA. Since landing in Hollywood I have partnered up with an amazing team and we have co-founded A. Whole Productions. This opportunity has empowered me to be a full time creator of entertainment art focused on directing, illustrating and acting. 

Just a little bit about me...

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